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Create WordPress Websites on the fly

Connect more than 2000 apps with Zapier

Create fully automated WordPress websites from your CRM, project management, Trello, WHMCS or simply from email content.

The app is currently in the publishing process. But you can already test it.

Please watch

Some more examples


Create a website as soon as a Jot Form form has arrived. Then send your new customer a GMail and save it in Aweber for further actions


Create a website as soon as your customer reaches a certain level in clickfunnels. Then inform your team via Slack and Salesforce.


Create a website once a customer has been moved to a list in ActiveCampaign Then save them to another list and HupSpot.


As soon as you move a map in Trello to a specific list, a website is created. Then you send the login data to your new customer and enter the customer data into your WHMCS system to control further actions.


Create a website as soon as a Typeform form has arrived. After creation, send the data to Mailchimp to start a marketing workflow.

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