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With the WP Website Creator, you can provide your clients with a quick and easy WordPress site by using a simple form plus a website construction kit. This doesn’t only speed up work, but you can also earn money with this service. Our custom-made agency solutions will help you with the process.


Are you a web designer or a newcomer? You don’t really know how many WordPress websites you will create for your clients per year? Then the ON THE FLY package is just right for you!

$ 29 per installation

It’s really practical because you only pay per installation. You can also change to a different rate whenever you like. For example, if you carry out more than 6 WordPress installations per year, it’s already worth thinking about our AGENCY package.


It’s perfect for agencies and designers who create more than 6 WordPress websites per year. With the AGENCY package, you can install up to 20 WordPress websites per year and only pay $11.40 per installation. So you save a lot of money.

$ 19 per month

You can carry out up to 20 WP Website Creator installations per year for only $19 per month (annual payment). The package’s runtime is always 12 months. If you carry out more than 20 installations per year, you should think about getting our BIG PLAN package.


Do you create more than 20 WordPress websites per year? Wow, you must have plenty of work to do and we are happy for you. With the BIG PLAN package, you can install up to 50 WordPress websites per year and you therefore only pay $8.40 per installation.

$ 35 per month

Even if your business is booming, you can always save a little more. Our BIG PLAN with up to 50 installations per year for only $35 per month (annual payment) will help you with this. If you should have even bigger plans, we recommend the UNLIMITED package.


You have a booming agency? Are you a networker and have a lot of clients or high traffic on your website? Or have you specialized in selling digital products? Then you should think of enabling your visitors to create websites themselves with the WP Website Creator. 

$ 79 per month

Wow, you must be really successful. Great, the UNILIMITED package is just the right choice for you. For only $79 per month (annual payment) you can carry out as many installations as you’d like for 12 months. In this case, you determine the individual price per WordPress website. It’s impossible to get a better deal!

The WP Website Creator


Today, many hosts offer a ONE-KLICK WordPress installation for customer acquisition and customer retention. As a WordPress provider, agency or cross-seller, you will lose these clients.

Therefore, draw profit yourself and allow your clients to create their own WordPress websites through a simple form.

You can do exactly that right now with our WordPress Website Creator – and it’s easy! The best thing about it is that everything remains under your control because the websites are directly installed on your server or your host. Therefore, they are and stay your clients and your WordPress installations.

Now, your clients can create their webpages very easily through a website construction kit with the sensational BeaverBuilder plugin. This is how you can keep up with big website builder agencies such as WIX or JIMDO and simultaneously get your market share.

We recommend our white-label solution for perfect client retention and great marketing. That way you can offer this service with your name or your brand.

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Accelerate your WordPress performance and see for yourself how efficient our WordPress-Service WP Website Creator is. Find out here how it works and what you need for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Website Creator work?

After one of your clients has registered on the integrated form, a WordPress website with the design chosen by the client is directly installed on your server/host. For that reason, you will have to enter FTP and database information into the system beforehand.

Do I need any additional plugins?

All required plugins are free of charge (Beaverbuilder light, Caldera Form). Yet, you will only have access to two simple designs if you don’t have Beaver Builder Pro or Agency and an Ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder license. 

Who is the administrator?

You or/and the client who sends off the form are the administrators.

In the backend of our service, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to be the sole administrator and give your client edit-only rights or whether you’d like to assign your client admin rights from the beginning.

Can I white-label my pages?

It depends which Beaver Builder license you have. White-labeling is only possible with a Beaver Builder Agency Version. 

Can I design the form myself?

Yes, in the admin section you can chose which designs and categories you’d like to offer. Additionally, you can also delete all fields that are not needed in your form at any time. Please watch our videos for this.

Obviously, it’s also possible to adjust a Caldera form optically through CSS. You can find our standard forms here.

Does the installation work with every server/host?

It usually does. If you want to make sure that our plugin really works flawlessly for you, you can get a trial version to test everything beforehand.


Are you still undecided?

If you’re still not sure about it, have a look at the tutorials. There, we explain step by step how you can install the WP Website Creator within no time.


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