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Create WordPress Websites on the fly

How to create a website installation workflow with

Facebook lead campaigns

1. Create the campaign

Create a Facebook Lead Campaign

  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad with the goal of getting leads
  2. choose as targetgroup people of a professional group. In this example yoga trainer.

2. Create the Zapier Workflow

Facebook -> WordPress creator

  1. search for Facebook lead Zap and add the Zap as first step.
  2. connect to your Facebook account and select the form you have just created
  3. click on the plus sign and add "WordPress website creator" as second Zap
  4. log in and select "New Website on Wp-Website-Creator Cloud" as trigger
  5. connect the form fields First Name, Last Name and Email with the fields in the "WordPress website creator" Zap.


Now, when a visitor to your campaign ad sends the form, a website is installed immediately. The visitor receives his access data already 10 minutes after sending the form


The website has been installed and your client has the access data.

Your workflow can stop here, or you can create more zaps, e.g.
to start a support campaign in ActiveCampaign

Create a Zapier -> Active Campaign Workflow

  1. Create an Email Automation in ActiveCampaign
  2. Create a new Zap workflow in Zapier and select "WordPress Website Creator" as the first Zap with the trigger "Get New Website Credentials".
  3. Secondly, select Zap Active Campaign and the action "Create/Update Contact".
  4. Select your ActiveCampaign list and connect the ActiveCampaign fields with the data fetched by "WordPress-website-creator"
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