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Create WordPress Websites on the fly

Offer your own ready-made websites

You do not have to use our premade websites. You can upload any WordPress website, with your favorite plugins and/or themes to your account and offer it through our system.

This way you can create a niche site and offer special websites for this niche


For the German market we have created a website especially for hairdressers. Visitors can install our WordPress website, which we created especially for hairdressers. This website already contains important plugins that hairdressers need. This includes for example a booking plugin.

If you now create 2-3 videos to show your customers how to change content, you have an extremely interesting service for this industry.

Now all you have to do is to advertise your site to hairdressers.

Real Estate websites

We have created a website especially for the German market where real estate agents can create ready-made websites for the real estate industry. The real estate agent fills out a form and after 10 minutes he receives an email with the access data for his new website.

The template for the website has already been prepared with important plugins and extensions, so that the real estate agent gets a website after 10 minutes which he can use immediately.

Website sales funnel

One of our customers uses our system for a website sale funnel. Customers can buy a ready-made website.

This site already contains 10 premium plugins for which our client has an agency license.

Most of our customers need additional services like an online store, SEO or SEM.

Offer your own ready-made websites together with our ready-made websites

In this example a customer offers his own ready-made websites together with the ready-made websites we provide.

WordPress course websites

At we offer our customers the installation of a ready-to-use WordPress website.

Our customers can use this website for 2 weeks for free to learn how to use WordPress with our WordPress course.

After 2 weeks they will receive an email with the question if they want to continue using the website or if we can delete the website.

If they want to continue using the website they will receive an offer.

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