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Create WordPress Websites on the fly


For professionals

Take advantage of the full range of the product and use all templates. Of course, you can also individualize the email sent to your customers when they register.

You can include the form on as many websites as you like. You can build a network. Affiliates, partners, customers etc. Imagine all network partners have your form on their website. Once a visitor submits a form from one of these pages, a website is created on your server and the visitor immediately receives his access data. What happens if you have distributed your form 100 times. AWESOME

You can completely white-label the BIG PLAN version. This way, your customers will receive a website, including Beaver Building Editor, which is completely under your name. It will look like your own service.
Please note that you will also need the AGENCY version of Beaver Builder to white label the editor.

case 1.
You do not need any additional plugins to test our service with the FREE version.

case 2.
With an Agency or a BigPlan version you can offer your own pre-built websites, but of course you don't need plugins because you create the pages yourself and decide which plugins you use.

case 3.
If you want to work with our pre-built websites you need a WP ASTRA AGENCY BUNDLE license. With this license you get the rights to install all pre-built websites of WP ASTRA. You will also receive an Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder and an Ultimate Add On for Elementor

YES. You can white-label the editor in this version. 
Please note that you will also need the AGENCY version of Beaver Builder to do this.

In the backend of our service, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to be the sole administrator and give your client edit-only rights or whether you’d like to assign your client admin rights from the beginning.

Yes, in the admin section you can chose which designs and categories you’d like to offer. Additionally, you can also delete all fields that are not needed in your form at any time. Please watch our videos for this. Obviously, it’s also possible to adjust a Caldera form optically through CSS. You can find our standard forms here. 

It usually does. If you want to make sure that our service really works flawlessly for you, you can get a free version to test everything.



per year

  • Installations 200 / month

    This package includes 200 installations per month. From the two hundredth installation on we charge 0,25 cent per installation

  • Install on TLD

    You can also install websites on Top Level Domains on your server

  • Domain availability API calls
  • Woo Commerce integration

    You can charge customers via WooCommerce directly after form submission

  • Website templates

    You can take advantage of the full range and use all templates. Make sure that you need a license from the template manufacturer. Beaver Builder or Astra wp

  • Own pre-defined websites

    You can offer 100 pre-built websites.

  • Language chooser

    Install in more than 20 languages. Its up to you how much languages you offer.

  • Multiple integration

    You can use the plugin on as many pages as you like.

  • Multiple integration

    You can create as many installation forms as you like

  • Whitelabel


  • Install on customers cPanel

    Your customers have the option to buy websites and install them directly in their cPanel

  • WHM / cPanel API

    Websites can be installed directly into your WHM / cPanel application

  • plesk API

    Websites can be installed directly into your plesk application

  • WPWC hosting

    You can choose the option to install all websites on our server. We leave your sites for one month. Enough time to convince your customers to buy the website and move to another host.


Are you still undecided?

If you’re still not sure about it, have a look at the tutorials. There, we explain step by step how you can install the WP Website Creator within no time.


What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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