Create WordPress Websites on the fly


Tom and Peter are the owners of a WordPress website agency.
They talking about how to sell as many websites as possible.
The problem is that they don’t have the manpower for designing, coding and customer acquisition.

Now Peter found the perfect solution
wp-website-creator enables you to integrate a simple website creation form on any WordPress website.

Once a customer sends the form, all fields content and the chosen theme will be sent via API to WPWC server.
The system from WPWC creates a zip file and transfer it to Tom and Peters server.
The installation begins directly after transferring the zip file or if a Woocommerce product is related to the form after the payment is complete.

Now Tom and Peter gets an email with the information that a new website was installed on their server.
At the same time, the new customer gets an email with the credentials for the new website.

That’s perfect Peter lets create a DIY website selling platform like and focus on customization and support.

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