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Create WordPress Websites on the fly


The WP Website Creator

With WP Website Creator, you can provide your website visitors a WordPress site by using a simple form.

Let them create a DIY website built on WordPress.

Provide a service like Wix, Weebly, and Jimdo, but use your known and trusted CMS, WordPress. This will allow you to easily acquire customers while having the freedom to support them in your customary environment.

Last, but not least, all websites will be installed on your own server so you can increase your income by hosting your customers.

Three solutions for all agency sizes


You’re looking for an additional way of acquiring customers, but you have a small budget? Then stop looking, because we have the solution to your problem. Our FREE version is tailor-made for you. The free version includes 1o website installations per month. You can start 300 WHO IS API calls. Give it a try! You can update to a higher version at any time. 


Offer your customers a special service by integrating the WP Website Creator form on your web page. Advertise your service with Facebook ads, video tutorials, or other campaigns. Your visitors will immediately receive a finished website, and you will gain a new customer who can benefit from your services.



The perfect solution for agencies and web designers. Unlike the FREE version, AGENCY gives you access to all of our professional templates. You can individually select the templates you would like to offer and thereby tailor the service to perfectly suit your needs. In this version, you can start 2000 WHO IS API calls per month.

$ 199 per year

Choose as many templates as you like to offer your customers a large selection. In the AGENCY version, you can personalize the registration email that your customers receive after registering and add your logo to it. This package includes 2000 WHO IS API calls. Relate your form to WooCommerce products to charge your customers immediately. You can integrate the form into one website. If this is not enough for you, you should look at the options of our BIG PLAN version.



The BIG PLAN version is the ultimate professional solution for offering a website construction service under your name. In addition to the possibilities of the AGENCY version, you can white-label the WP Website Creator and provide this to your customers under your name and with your logo. You get 5000 WHO IS API calls per month. In this version, it is also possible to let customers install websites directly on their cPanel hosting.

$ 399 per year

Now you can compete with the leading website creation companies for just $399 per year. We think this is sensational and would even go as far as to say: By using WordPress, you are actually a step ahead of the competition. No system is as flexible as WordPress. The use of the Beaver Builder Editor also allows you to easily keep up with the competition in terms of user-friendliness. With the BIG PLAN you get 5000 WHO IS API calls per month for free.Furthermore, you can integrate the WPWC form into as many websites as you would like.


Get your free version

You can already install websites and earn money with the FREE version of the Website Creator. All you need to do is register and follow the setup step by step to install your form. 



What are you waiting for?

Accelerate your WordPress performance and see for yourself how efficient our WordPress-Service WP Website Creator is. Find out here how it works and what you need for it.


Example of a website selling website and are our own selling websites. Please visit this
pages to see how a professional websiteselling website can be built with our service.



Are you still undecided?

If you’re still not sure about it, have a look at the tutorials. There, we explain step by step how you can install the WP Website Creator within no time.


What are you waiting for? Get started now!


Frequently Asked Questions


Today, many providers offer a ONE-CLICK WordPress installation to attract and retain new clients. As a WordPress developer, agency, or cross-seller, you will lose these clients.

Instead, make the profit yourself by allowing your clients to create WordPress websites on your server through a simple form on your agency website. 

You can do that right now with our WordPress Website Creator – and it’s easy! The best thing about it is that everything remains under your control because the websites are directly installed on your server or your host. Your clients and your WordPress installations remain your own.

That way you can keep up with the big website builder agencies such as WIX or JIMDO, and simultaneously get your market share.

As an editor solution, we pre-install Beaver Builder (FREE or PRO) and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder on all our pre-built-websites. Support for Elementor is coming soon.

Technical Description

We have created a customizable form for WordPress using the awesome Caldera Forms (free plugin). Then, we added some functions to the form processor that will send the form content via API to our server. Our system creates a zip file with the chosen theme and all the content that the customer submitted via the form.

Next, the system transfers the zip file to your server or your customers hosting. You must set up your server settings on the wp-website-creator backend to enable this feature.

An HTTP request starts the installation.

After finishing the installation, the system sends a registration e-mail to your customer and a notification e-mail to you.

How does the Website Creator work?

After one of your clients has registered on the integrated form, a WordPress website with the design chosen by the client is directly installed on your server/host.

If you have cPanel or plesk the system will install the website automatically over the API. If you do not have cPanel or plesk you will have to enter FTP and database information manually into the system.

Can I offer my own designs?

Yes, you can offer your own designs but we have to prepare them to work with our service.
We have to set all our placeholders and also do some installation tests.

The custom delivered themes use always different plugins.
We have to take care that all plugins work after our installation routine.

We charge 39€ for each design that we include in our installation system.
Once you are logged in, you can upload the designs as duplicator zip files in the backend.

Can i create a Affiliate network?

With our BigPlan version, you can include the form on as many websites as you like. You can build a network. Affiliates, partners, customers etc. Imagine all network partners have your form on their website. Once a visitor submits a form from one of these pages, a website is created on your server and the visitor immediately receives his access data. What happens if you have distributed your form 100 times. AWESOME

Do I need any additional plugins?

You do not need any additional plugins to test our service with the FREE version.

However, if you want to work professionally we recommend a “WP ASTRA AGENCY BUNDLE” license. With this license you get the rights to install all pre-built websites of WP ASTRA. You will also receive an “Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder” and an “Ultimate Add On for Elementor“. With it you can build a professional website selling platform.

Can i install a website on a TLD?

Yes you can use WP Website Creator to install WordPress sites directly to top level domains (TLDs) on your servers. To make this work you also need to setup your WHM tweak settings. Watch our videos for more information.

Install websites direct on my customers' hosting?

Your customers can fill in their cPanel or FTP and database credentials and instantly install their new WordPress sites to their own hosting accounts.​

Do the system checking TLD availability?

Yes, your customer fills in the TLD and the form checks to see if it is available. If the domain is available, the website will be created, then you or your customer can register the domain and point it to the server.

Can i earn money directly after the form was send?

Yes, you have the option to immediately charge your customers when installing the sites.
The website will be installed once the payment is completed.

Who is the administrator?

You or/and the client who sends off the form are the administrators.

In the backend of our service, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to be the sole administrator and give your client edit-only rights or whether you’d like to assign your client admin rights from the beginning.

Can I white-label my pages?

100% White-labeling is only possible with our BIG PLAN Membership and a Beaver Builder Agency Version.

Elementor does not support whitelabel. So if you want to work with Elementor you can only whitelabel Ultimate Add On for Elementor and the WP ASTRA Theme. For this you also need our BIG PLAN version

Can I design the form myself?

Yes, in the admin section you can chose which designs and categories you’d like to offer. Additionally, you can also delete all fields that are not needed in your form at any time. Please watch our videos for this.

Obviously, it’s also possible to adjust a Caldera form optically through CSS. You can find our standard forms here.

Does the installation work with every server/host?

It usually does. If you have any trouble feel free to ask us.

Our Partners

These are the plugin pages Beaver Builder and Ultimate Beaver Builder. Beaver Brains provides you with a lot of information about Beaver Builder.

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