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Our free package

With our free version, you can already install websites and earn money with them. Just register and follow the step-by-step setup guide to install your form. In this version, you can select six standard templates that will be incorporated into your form.

Do I need any additional plugins?

No. All required plugins are free (Beaver Builder LIGHT, Caldera Form). You can install all standard templates with these. Our professional templates were created with Beaver Builder PRO and Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder. Therefore, if you want to use all templates, you should purchase these plugins.

Who is the administrator?

In the backend of our service, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to be the sole administrator and give your client edit-only rights or whether you’d like to assign your client admin rights from the beginning.

Can I design the form myself?

Yes, in the admin section you can chose which designs and categories you’d like to offer. Additionally, you can also delete all fields that are not needed in your form at any time. Please watch our videos for this. Obviously, it’s also possible to adjust a Caldera form optically through CSS. You can find our standard forms here. 

Does the installation work with every server/host?

It usually does. If you want to make sure that our service really works flawlessly for you, you can get this free version to test everything.

Can i whitelable the service

No. You cannot white-label the editor in this version. To do so, you need the BIG PLAN version.
Please note that you will also need the plugin Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder and the AGENCY version of Beaver Builder to do this.

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Free of charge

  • Installations

    You can install 10 Websites per month

  • Website templates

    Six standard templates

  • Own pre-built websites

    You can not offer your own pre-built websites

  • Registration-Email

    You can create a registration email for one language. It's a plain text email. Images cannot be used.

  • Languages

    Install websites in your preferred language

  • Multiple integration

    You can integrate the form on one website

  • Whitelabel


  • WHM / cPanel API

    Websites will be installed directly into your WHM / cPanel application

  • plesk API

    Websites will be installed directly into your plesk application

  • WPWC hosting

    You can choose the option to install all websites on our server. We leave your sites for one month. Enough time to convince your customers to buy the website and move to another host.